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Savor the Purest Tea in Every Bottle

Pure Tea. Real Tea Flavor.

STEALTH Naked Kombucha is the finest kombucha available, crafted authentically using time-honored traditions with the highest quality loose-leaf teas, sourced from tiny family-owned tea plantations in Taiwan and Japan. The result: every bottle of STEALTH brims with real tea flavor, nutrients, and refreshment.

Intensely Naked

What sets STEALTH Naked Kombucha apart from other brands is its intense taste borne of fresh, hand-picked whole tea leaves always brewed to perfection with Essentia® ionized alkaline living water. My carefully honed fermenting process yields the most potent kombucha experience imaginable. STEALTH Naked Kombucha is the only kombucha that is able to stand on its own—truly naked without ever any added flavorings.

STEALTH Naked Kombucha—it’s all about the tea!

Many thanks to Stéphane Erler for sharing some of his amazing photos.

Ultimate Elixir

Every batch of STEALTH Naked Kombucha ensures a perfectly balanced culture to optimize the health benefits of my STEALTH elixir. Experience the precise balance of detoxifying organic acids—one of many reasons why STEALTH Fights for Your Health. My fermentation process yields the optimal mix of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, probiotics and pH buffers, producing a world-class elixir that helps to prevent cellular damage from free radicals. STEALTH truly Fights for your Health.

I invite you to enjoy STEALTH Naked Kombucha—the only naked kombucha crafted without ever adding any flavorings to disguise. Get inspired, drink STEALTH Naked Kombucha and enjoy a true elixir bursting with powerful nutrients, energy, and mouthwatering effervescence!

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