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At STEALTH Naked Kombucha, the passion continues about this amazing fermented beverage developed over 2000 years ago. The STEALTH Naked Kombucha “Naked Truth Blog” inspires, educates and provides you with essential information about our favorite beverage. To get started, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, Ron Chapdelaine, founder of STEALTH Naked Kombucha. I look forward to sharing essential information about all things kombucha and to answering questions to assist you in creating world-class kombucha.

About Ron

Ron has a longstanding love of fine teas, fermented foods and healthy ways of living. He places great value on the highest quality ingredients and authentic processes for brewing and fermenting tea. His interest in handcrafted teas stemmed from numerous travels to Asia, where Ron learned about small family-owned tea plantations and refined methods for harvesting the finest high-mountain teas of the world. Although he has been steeping tea since 1989 and fermenting tea since 1993, Ron still considers brewing and fermenting tea an art and life-long learning experience that can never be mastered.

When Ron brews Kombucha as it evolved identically over 2000 years ago, you can be certain that his commitment is pure, naked and unadulterated always without flavorings. Ron maintains that STEALTH Naked Kombucha will never be mass produced and always be unmatched by anyone, anywhere. STEALTH Naked Kombucha, quite frankly, is the only brew of its kind in the USA.

Ron and his wife Charlotte, high school sweethearts since 1978, continue to grow and establish themselves brewing kombucha to the fussiest kombucha lovers in New England. They enjoy listening to classical music, traveling, reading, eating healthy foods, taking care of their two mini dachshunds and finding new ways to learn. Their love of learning is inspired by the wisdom of  Socrates: “We know because we don’t know.”

You can reach Ron and Charlotte at:

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  • Lois Gratton

    I am very excited about this new site. I’ve been referring to Len’s site repeatedly over the years, typically when my brew starts misbehaving. Thank you! Please note that my email address has been revised from what you have in your files.


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